Finally on Yelp to develop more of its capabilities and its advantages especially when Facebook began searching for places and that will be available in the coming weeks for all service.

Facebook tries to provide all the services available on the Internet within this platform to prevent users from access to Google's search and news sites, and other service-platforms and is a great challenge for this company and also to competitors.

Property professional services are already available for some people in the countries of the world and on the desktop and a copy will be available in the future is for more people.

Require you to this service, selection of the first to identify the area or sector either restaurants or dentist and so on and when you press will get the places you geographically is a list of search results, and clicking on any result you'll get a page that includes the geographical location of the institution concerned on the map and the overall assessment In addition to other evaluations and audits and suggest more similar you places nearby.

And it is known that Facebook has provided features assist in the launch of a powerful service and of which it is tracking the geographic location of users and combines travel and record their visits in addition to providing evaluation of pages of institutions, companies and customer support reviews.