Is still the subject of monitoring social networks and chat very exciting applications, especially after the terrorist events in Lebanon, France, Tunisia and elsewhere in the world.
And moving a number of governments, including the United States to put pressure on companies that offer such services in order to cooperate with them in the fight against terrorism and terrorist groups continue and on top of already Daash.
And Talagram longer apply, for example, one of the best applications that prefer to use these, and President Bush has recently admitted that the CIA is making an effort to monitor the general publications Lalit people post on these sites and public channels on the famous chat applications.
And focus exactly intelligence posts and comments of foreign visitors to the United States, both in order to study or work or on holiday and through analysis can them know if he is dangerous or not and indeed will include surveillance admirer of the pages and images that are published, stressing that it "General ".
But there are those who question the intelligence that can be up to her to own posts and chat messages and is denied by Obama and detailed inter stressing that it is very difficult!