Typical design  Book Khana android mobile application for  Book Store  

1) Add infinite number of books through the Web Ablekshn and then the user to download books on the application with ease
2) Easy browsing of the content and navigate through pages and sections of the book and return to the main index
3) Search inside the book or sections and ease the transition to the search results
4) add tags and comments text of a paragraph or a page within the book
5) Add the signs and voice comments to a paragraph or a page within the book
6) the possibility of copying and sharing paragraph of the page within the book (via social media) are Adaraj Publishing name and its Web site with the participation automatically
7) Jump to pages within a book by its figures
8) Identify links to read later and added to wish list
9) help to explain how to use the application and easily Altaataaml him with brief mentions
10) monitor public's assistance program to the settings of the program's default formats for content and activate or deactivate Remember last page has been browsed and rapid operation
11) prevent copying any book from the Tablet to another or from Mobile to another