Have you seen the movie her? Would I was terrified of it because of the development of technology? Well, if this report Ciecark terrified of the truth experienced by the day!
Facebook decided after widespread that focuses on improving the user experience, everything that Facebook counts is to remain on your home page, and that you enjoy as much as possible about your experience with Facebook, and will do anything to make you do not get bored of staring at the screen all day, that's what paid to the development of a number of algorithms, especially the Home Page algorithm news feed algorithm, this algorithm is decided by what you see when browsing your home page on your computer or on the application of Facebook through your smart phone, will decide the algorithm any friends should know news and which do not care, what are the ads you'll see what percentage of your home page, and sometimes even the algorithm decides not to trek more news in order to force you to expand your circle of friends on Facebook.
The algorithm -lmn Aarafha- is not simply a set of tags software gives the machine orders are being implemented, but in the last decade it has become a machine that can learn on their own and formulate their own commands -epeshkl Ma- and you can read more about algorithms, from here.
What we see through the mass media communications is an important part of our consciousness, affecting our dreams and psychological our case and Tsoratna about ourselves and others, Facebook has by experience to know if he can control the feelings of its users or not, and succeeded experience as Facebook was able to change situations users control the mood and feelings and their sense, which apologized Facebook later.
Imagine that this force to control the user has become in the hands of a robot and not human beings, and imagine what could reap if this robot was able at the moment to form his own consciousness. But why should we fear if algorithms as long as they help us to improve our lives? And why should we worry about the Facebook algorithms?
1. Facebook algorithm is trying to imitate human beings
Did you know these people who revere Messages morning Mourning texts? Well do not worry Vvis Facebook now gives them the morning messages most of the time once you wake up Sajdoa that the algorithm has told them good morning at the beginning of the home page, this is not, but the Facebook algorithm Stkhberna all our friends who solve their birthdays on the degree of their closeness to them With time shift reminder Birthdays friends than just an agenda provided by Facebook to its users do not differentiate among your friends to something more intimate, if your friend this close to you and the two of you a lot of messages, comments and interaction will suggest Facebook to congratulate him, and after he tells you dry language like Today is the feast of the robot birthday so and so, he became tells you good morning today agrees birthday feast your friend so and so, why not tell him something nice on this occasion?
2. Facebook algorithm known as the human mind faces the same accuracy
Yes, Fajoarzmah deep facial deep face algorithm developed by Facebook may face recognition rate of 97.25%, while the human mind accuracy is 97.53%, but there is a preference for the algorithm Facebook While your ability capacity not exceeding 1000 people, the Facebook algorithm can identify more than billion people online network of social networking (1).
3. Facebook algorithm dealings as a "rat" experiences
Do you know this friend who no longer speak with him over a year ago and disappeared publications of on your home page because the algorithm has decided that it is important to you, and suddenly and without warning appeared again, well that the algorithm dealings Kfar experiments now, the algorithm test if you're after this While you'll want to re-connect to it or not, will be decided by your interaction on with this publication if they will begin to display the next updates him or not, it does not stop at this, maybe give you the algorithm and two, consider a row on the same subject to compare the will interact with him, will give his face view your friend belonging to a group or party on the same subject and you'll see who will deal with him, and after a few times you will know the algorithm any views you interested in them, and so if you prefer your friend who belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood, for example, will retain this and begin to show updates for friends subscribers between you and suggests you Add friends of his own.
4. Facebook algorithm know everything, everything!
Your privacy is in front of the algorithm zero, even the things that you share across Facebook in particular, or under option I only who can see publication only me Tansabha algorithm, the algorithm known as emotional relationships but they know you're a fan now anyone where I learned the algorithm how to act admirers of human beings to each other Facebook (3). She knows where you are now for backhaul IPS through in your phone and know your favorite restaurants, your religion and movies you saw and you want to see, readings on site good reads know also, your opinions in the book and creators, know who to communicate across Anstjeram, and Watts father and know all the numbers Save on your phone, (4) She knows everything, awful she does not know everything about you, but only for about one billion people around the world.
5. algorithm to measure everything
Starting from how to move the mouse on your computer even page numbers Likes carried out every day Valjuzmih add all of this information to Byantha base to be more intelligent.
6. real horror: no one person mm each algorithm
Is not one algorithm is a huge set of algorithms, some of them available to us to see how it works, and mostly held by Facebook for himself, the list of these algorithms and details, from here.
The scariest thing of all is that there is a human one mm each algorithms, and who knows where we will end this artificial intelligence, perhaps control algorithm us someday and live the adventures of science fiction movies ourselves.
In a forthcoming report we will talk how to protect privacy of the algorithm, and how to fight against it and control your home page.