Typical Design Develop web application to manage stores online " Online Active Store " including sales management, purchasing management , customer , suppliers and many reports represent the client activity attitude  

Online Active Store  for Electric House

Online Active Stores program is a web bases application dedicated to warehouse management, sales ,accounts and more

The program can be hosted on online webserver or on loacl server  

Online Active Stores includes all activities needed by any company , such as sales - purchases - Customer's accounts - suppliers's accounts  - returns - reports gains and losses - treasury account

Online Active Stores  was sold several times to different areas

The following are some specifications of the Online Active Stores: -





Measurement units

Branches and warehouses


the sales

In addition to a very large amount of reports that give you organized and arranged on information such as but not limited to 
A user report 
B ) report transfers between stores 
C- outstanding transfers 
W report balances Product 
C ) purchase a product report 
H ) the purchase of a resource report 
G. purchase invoice report 
D ) the product sale report 
Z- customer sale report 
Re- sell the stored report 
G. sales invoice 
Q. customer bill 
U - billed supplier 
R- expenses enrich report 
O. Gross profit report 
I ) gains and losses report